Entropy Zero

Vendredi 14 Juin 2019 - 20h30

Cyber Rock - GRATUIT

La Caverne Sensorielle et CROM présentent Entropy Zero // Cyber Rock - Le groupe se produit dans le cadre du Le Week-end Sensoriel, évènement organisée par la Caverne Sensorielle.
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Entropy Zero - Angers

Entropy Zero is a cyber/rock project from Angers (France) whose the first goal is to stimulate imagination through music. Strongly influenced by science-fiction, each song is a wordless story where everyone can immerse themselves to create a world according to their own emotions.

This project is leading by a man that played music and sound design in a lot of different universes since years. Always eager to discover new instruments, synthesizer and sound machines, each song is a playground to express himself using his musical vision. Besides, Entropy Zero, as a physical quantity, is a theoretical system state where anything is possible.

Entropy Zero also proposes live performance with a set of musician that mixes traditional and electronic approaches. Video show reinforces the proposed universes that goes from old 80’s to hard science-fiction, from airy ambiance to punchy rock sequence.

Start the experience by listening to the new EP “Mind machine”. You just have to close your eyes and let your imagination take the lead…

► Audio : http://entropyzero.bandcamp.com
► Site : http://entropyzero.fr/


➽ Horaires

➵ 20h30 - ouverture des portes
➵ 21h à 21h45 - Entropy Zero







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